Hydrated Miso Soup

Miso a Go Go Recipe

When I am feeling snacky, it is so easy to spend $10 on 200 calories worth of food, but it so not financially viable.  One way that I combat the high price of convenient living is to prep in advance.

I’ve been dying to buy some dried tofu, but at $6-8 a bag, I can rarely be convinced.  Well, I lucked out big time last week.  The discount grocery store had huge amounts of dried tofu for only $0.89 a pack.  Needless to say, I bought 29 packages.  Dried tofu ranks an A+ for accessible foods when I am snowed into the mountains.  At the store, it struck me as an easy and instant solution for preparing Miso Soup snack packs in advance. With a little inspiration, I am sharing this wonderful, classic recipe. Dried tofu is definitely worth it’s standard shelf price. At full price (about $20 in ingredients), you will have 12 instant soups and seaweed to spare!

Last night, I made 6 snack packs of Miso Soup using 2 tbsp wakame (which might be excessive, but I can’t get enough seaweed — I’ve reduced the amount to 1 tbsp in the recipe below), rice noodles, and dried tofu.  I keep a package of White Miso and Bragg’s Amino Acids in the work fridge. I made the soup pack into little snack size plastic baggies, but if I had been thinking more, I would have used mason glass jars that can fit 1.5 pints so that this could be closer to a zero-waste initiative.  The other advantage of using glass jars is that the rice noodles are so sharp that they try–and sometimes succeed–to poke out of the plastic.  Lastly, you can pour hot water directly into the mason jar and avoid having to switch into a proper dish when you cook.

Miso Soup Packets
Miso Soup Packets

This soup is great for dieting, weighing in at only 200 calories for a fully satiating snack meal.  It’s great to keep around the office for when your lunch hour gets postponed and postponed. Miso a Go Go can keep me a go-going for hours.

Miso a Go Go Recipe

Serving Size 1.  ~200 calories.

dehydrated ingredients: 
1 oz Maifun Rice Noodles

1 square Dried Tofu
1 tbsp Wakame

perishable ingredients:
1 tbsp White Miso
1 tsp Bragg’s Amino Acids

2.5 cups Water

Hydrated Miso Soup
Miso Soup with excessive amounts of Wakame, just the way I like it. Please note, the recipe calls for a smaller amount of Wakame.  I simply love seaweed.
  1. Add the dehydrated ingredients into the storage vessel of your choice.  I recommend a glass jar.  You’ll need to break the square of dried tofu into small pieces.  Do this by breaking the tofu into small pieces with your hands.  A knife is not effective for this task.  It does not matter if the pieces are not uniform.  I like the pieces to be no larger than a square-ish centimeter.
  2. When you are ready to hydrate your soup, bring at least 2.5 cups of water to a boil in a tea kettle.  Put the dehydrated ingredients into a large ceramic or glass bowl (something that is capable of withstanding boiling hot water), or leave everything in your mason jar.  Pour the boiling hot water into the bowl or jar. Stir in the White Miso and Amino Acids.  Cover the bowl with a plate or tea towel while the ingredients steam.
  3. Wait about 5-7 minutes for the noodles to fully plump. When the noodles are tender, your homemade instant soup is ready to be devoured.




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